Yalu International Beauty Cosmetic Factory

Dear sir/madam,
it is a pleasure to introduce our company to you by this chance. Guangzhou YALU international beauty cosmetics factory is a leading manufacturer and exporter of skincare and cosmetics in China. We can offer shampoo, hair care, skin care, etc.
product list:
Creams, emulsions, lotions gels or oils for the skin;
Tinted bases including liquids, powders or pastes;
Toilet or deodorant soaps;
Perfumes; toilet waters, aftershaves;
Bath or shower preparations including salts, foams, gels or oils;
Hand cleanser; hand protection creams or barrier creams;
Hair-care products including:
Hair tints or bleaches, products for waving, straightening or fixing hair;
Setting products including lotions, creams or oils;
Conditioning products including lotions, creams or oils;
Hairdressing products including lotions and lacquers, Brilliantness, Hair tonics, Shampoos.
Make - up and products for removing make - up from the face or eyes;
Products intended for application to the lips;
Products for nail care or make - up.
Shaving creams, foams, lotions or soaps.
Products for tanning without the sun and skin whitening products.
Aromatherapy essential oil include lavender, rose, cassia, bergamot, eucalyptus geranium, chamomile, lemon, rosemary, tea tree, ylang - ylang, jasmine, peppermint, cypress, clary sage, fennel, sandalwood, orange, frankincense, benzoic and etc.
TCM beauty products,
Salon beauty products;
All beauty equipment.

Any enquire of private labeling, OEM, semi - finished items, small quantity all very welcome.

If you are interested in the products above, we assure you will satisfy to our best quality, competitive price and services.

Anything can be negotiate.
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Building, No.232. Linhe Street
Tianhe (N) Road, Guangzhou., Guangdong, 510620, China
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